Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break!!

Hi everyone!

I am currently on my Spring Break, so I decided to take the opportunity to tell you about current happenings.  As much as I wish I was lying on a tropical beach or exploring a land where the sun always shines, I must tell you that is not at all how my Spring Break has panned out.

I traveled home for the first half of Spring Break, bringing my two friends Suyeon and Akane with me for the trip.  It was a very relaxing first half – and the weather was actually pretty warm for Massachusetts at this point of the year! We slept late every day, made homemade pancakes one morning, spent time with my family and went shopping.  Even though there was not a lot to do (and even less to do without the use of a car before 2:30 since my sister used it for school), we were still able to have a nice visit.  We did manicures one evening and hair curling another evening, and we watched movies every night! It was tons of fun and really relaxing.

First night home (from left, Suyeon and Akane)!! Petting Chloe and visiting with family :)  
Grocery shopping! 

Curled hair and red lipstick! Such gorgeous girls!

Selfies in the backseat of Uncle Tim and Aunt Jackie's car

So much fun :) 

Now, I am back at St. Mike's for the remainder of my break.  It is crunch time for my senior seminar project, as my book is due on April 3 (about 2 1/2 weeks from now).  As of right now, Gabbi and I are about 6 chapters (almost halfway) through writing our book – and we still have 2 more days of break! We've each been writing one chapter per day since I've come back to campus, and I think we're in pretty good shape.  We have a few interviews set up within the remaining time, so it should turn out to be a pretty good product!

Our working book cover.  That's my picture on the front! 

Other than that, I'm just using the remaining time during break to prepare myself for the storm of business that will hit when break ends.  I am applying for jobs and doing other homework as well with the free time I have.  Graduation is getting close, so it's time to get going on everything!

If you have any questions about my life as a student at St. Mike's, do not hesitate to email me ( or Tweet me (@LizMurraySMC).

Ciao for now!!

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