Sunday, April 21, 2013

@Hall_Gabbi and I finished our book! And other stories

Sorry for the long delay on the blog post.  Everything has been so busy, but I have a lot of good news!!

The day has finally arrived.... Gabbi and I have finally finished THE BOOK.  After almost a whole academic year of hard work, we have finally produced our final product and are in the process of sending it off to get "perfect bound" (when it actually looks like a real book).
Our book!! Printed by the Saint Michael's College print shop.

We were in Bergeron every day the week before the book was finally due with a goal set for each day.  The awesome thing about being a media studies major at St. Mike's is that whenever big projects are due for different classes, Bergeron is filled with all of your classmates and fellow majors! It really builds a community within the journalism department, so spending hours in Bergeron is never as bad as it seems because there are always tons of other people with you.  At that same time, the Global Communication class also had a big project due too, so the labs in Bergeron were packed every night.
Ready for our practice presentation! Photo by my bff Alex Byrne

Gabbi and I also did our in-class presentation, which was a huge success.  We had the class live-tweet our presentation, implementing one of the aspects of the new social media environment that we discuss in our book.  After the presentation, we took several questions from the Twitter hashtag (#mediaevents) as well as questions from the audience.  It was a very successful presentation, and I'm relieved it is finally over.

We also had the second PALS dinner this year a few weekends ago.  We had about 25 students, both national and international, come to the event and we ate food from Moe's and hung out all together for a few hours.  I cannot express enough how enriching the PALS experience has been for me and how much I love speaking and spending time with international students.  As I write this post, my PAL is sitting across from me at one of the many homework "parties" we've had this semester.  Even though we're doing something as simple as homework together, there are still so many opportunities to learn something new about her culture or teach her something new about mine.


Me and my PAL! 

Me and my friend Jonghoon! 

Wait... what is Chanhee's name again? 

The last bit of good news is that I was inducted into two honor societies this weekend – Phi Beta Kappa (liberal arts) and Kappa Tau Alpha (journalism).  It was such an honor to be chosen out of my classmates for induction, and it was even more fun to have my family visit and meet friends, professors and faculty members at the school.

Kappa Tau Alpha! 

Inductees and professors in the MJD department (from left, adjunct Professor Mike Donoghue, Professor Jon Hyde, Professor Traci Griffith, Professor Jerry Swope and son Henry, me, Colin Ellis, Chris Moskal, Professor David Mindich, and Professor Kimberly Sultze)
Getting ready for the Phi Beta Kappa secret handshake! (Yes, I'm serious)

Me and my parents!

My sister Katie and me. 

From left, Adrianna, Anthony, President John Neuhauser, me and Jill. 

Uncle Tim and Aunt Jackie and me. 

Professor Dameron from the History dept. and me.

If you have any questions about my life at Saint Michael's College, please do not hesitate to email me ( or Tweet me (@LizMurraySMC)!

Ciao xoxo

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