Friday, June 22, 2012

More Articles from my Internship!

Hello everyone!
Sorry for being incommunicado for the last few weeks! I've been really focused on my internship and have been writing a lot of stories! Here are the newest ones since the last post:

Dorchester Schools Win Awards for Healthy Initiatives 

Best Educators of the Year 

Mayor Chooses Members of Fairmount Advisory Board 

Dot Talent Fuels Baseball Team's Winning Ways  (This was my first story above the fold on the front page - with my own original picture too!)

- Dot Descendants Celebrations

- Fairmount Group's First Meeting (Second story on the front page above the fold!)

- Dot Native a Soccer Missionary (Front page below the fold!)

- St. Mark's Episcopal one step closer to National Register listing

- Sheriff's Deputies Cited for 'Heroic Actions' 

- School Committee Takes Hard Look at K-8 Model

I've been learning a lot from all my internships and meeting a lot of really cool people! That's what I really love about the internship – writing so many feature stories and getting to meet so many interesting people in both Dorchester and Boston.  I'm learning how to handle myself as a journalist in professional environments, think on my feet, ask the tough questions, and be as thorough, but as concise, as possible with my writing.  I'm experiencing some situations – like school committee hearings and mayoral-elected board meetings – that are completely new to me, so they are really learning experiences.

Finally, I've learned to dress for any kind of assignment since I never know from day to day what I will be covering (aka I covered a baseball game wearing a dress and low heels, but heels nonetheless and my feet were not happy afterward) and how to work with media relations people to get the information needed.  Media relations employees seemed to become the bane of my existence during the past few weeks as I felt like I was constantly chasing them down, but I tried to be as polite and accommodating as possible so I could get the information needed for my stories.

I hope you enjoy my stories! If you have any questions about my internship or my life at St. Michael's College, do not hesitate to email me (, Tweet me (@LittleLizzie33) or ask me a question on Formspring (lizmurray3).  I will do my best to answer any question!
Ciao for now!

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