Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cooking in Cape Cod

Since I'm interning in Boston for the summer, I have been staying with my Uncle at his house in Somerville.  It just so happens he also has a house in Cape Cod, so we will be spending most of the weekends there.

Uncle Rick got his shellfishing license in Cape Cod this summer, so we are able to go get fresh shellfish on Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday (but only once a week so we don't overfish).  We tried our hand at collecting mussels yesterday.  It was raining all day yesterday, so the first time we went out, we were not able to find any and it started to rain on us while we were looking.  We did not stay very long, and we did not quite know what we were looking for either.  I decided to stay in while Uncle Rick went shopping for plants for his garden that afternoon. He came back at around 3 p.m. with a half bucket of mussels!  He had gone without me! (I didn't have the proper gear anyways.)

Today we cooked our mussels for lunch, and they were delicious! We cooked them in a curry butter sauce on the grill. Since my uncle was working in his garden for most of the afternoon, I was in charge of preparing the mussels.  I do not have very much practice with cooking, so it was a slow process, but I think they came out pretty well in the end! Here are some pictures of the finished product:
Checking to see if the mussels opened on the grill! 


The finished product!

Mussels in my bowl.


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