Monday, March 5, 2012

The Terrace

This is something I’ve forgotten to blog about until now (especially since I've had so much to write about!).  Since my apartment mates and I live on the top floor of our building, we have access to a terrace.  We were not given the terrace key right away though; we had to prove that we deserved it.  After about a week or two of good behavior and all of us signing a sheet with certain rules for the terrace, we were given the key by our landlord. This has become my favorite part of our apartment.  I am currently sitting at the plastic table on our terrace and looking at the top part of the dome and the tower of The Duomo in Florence.  To the side of that are hills with houses scattered upon it (my guess is it is Fiesole, a province of Florence that is situated on a hill above the city).  To my left in the distance, I can see the faint hue of snow on the Italian alps under a partially pink sky.  Behind me is an ancient tower and more of the city (as well as where the sun sets).  There is a beautiful house and interesting shaped trees on the top of the hill where the sun sets, which creates a silhouette like one I have never seen before. Right now, birds are flying above my head and The Duomo’s bells have begun to ring (it is about 5:45 p.m.).  It is soon joined by another bell in the distance (and more bells will join it soon).  There is another terrace connected to a house to my left where a dog stands on its hind legs against a fence and looks out upon Florence.  
The view from our terrace! 

Beautiful Florence! 

The Duomo! 

More houses on the hill.

Our terrace.

Sunset :) 

The little castle we have yet to identify.

A pink sunset! 

The most unique sunset yet! 

Today was the perfect day to sit on the terrace.  It was almost 70 degrees outside and the sun was shining in the cloudless sky.  My last class of the day interrupted the absolute bliss of sitting on the terrace and soaking up rays.  I was in a tank top dress - and March has only just begun! My stress levels sink as soon as I sit down on the terrace. I think I am going to have a lot of trouble leaving this apartment when May arrives. 

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