Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to School: Senior Edition

I apologize that it's been so long since I've blogged! After ending my internship in Boston, I moved back home for a few weeks, and then moved back up to school, so it's been a whirlwind for the past month or so!
ANYWAYS... I just wanted to give an update on my current life right now.  There will be pictures and things later, but here are the top five things I have been up to lately.

1. Classes have begun! I am taking Concepts of Chemistry, Europe during WWII, History Senior Seminar and Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts Seminar.

2. Speaking of senior seminar.... I've been working on researching for a 40+ page thesis essay I'll have to write for the end of the semester and brainstorming ideas for a journalism senior seminar topic to write a book by the end of the spring semester with my friend Gabbi Hall (also a blogger).  My topic for history is media evolution and how it has affected presidential elections and my topic for journalism is redefining media events with the new media technologies existant today.

3. Since I'm a senior, I get to live in the townhouses (some of the best housing on campus).  I'm living in the 2's, which are the farthest away from everything... but at least I'm getting my exercise! This year, I'm living with my friends Jill and Leah and a junior transfer named Hannah.  I was a little worried that Hannah would be overwhelmed by me, Jill and Leah since we are all so close, but she's actually fit right into our group of friends! A perfect match!

4. Townhouse living means lots of cooking! Jill and I have been doing a lot of the cooking for the last few weeks, but it's really fun! Before this year, I was very much a pasta girl.  I've now learned how to prepare and make breaded chicken, sausages, garlic bread and more!  I'm hoping my cooking skills will be awesome by the end of this year.

5. Tap club is back! While the co-president and I were abroad last year, we left the tap club in the hands of some of our newer members.  They did a great job of keeping it going, but the participation rate dropped quite a bit toward the end of the year.  This year we're back, and we have a lot of interested new members! Our rehearsal last Wednesday was AWESOME! Everyone was so excited to be there and spread the tappiness.  I hope this week goes just as well!

Well, that's just about everything! I will blog more in-depth about the beginning of school soon and post some pictures of my townhouse! If you have any questions about my experience as a student at Saint Michael's, do not hesitate to email me (, Tweet me (LittleLizzie33) or ask me a question on formspring (lizmurray3).
Ciao ciao for now!

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