Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where's the Snow?

One thing that everyone seems to say when I tell them I go to school in northern Vermont is, "Ah, so you get a lot of snow, huh?"  Usually that's pretty true, but this year, all we've gotten up here is flurries that don't stick!  Well, that's a lie.  It snowed during Thanksgiving break, but all the snow melted by the time everyone returned to St. Mike's.  It's December 6th now, and there still has been no snow aside from a few cases of flurries.
I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed in the Vermont weather right now.  Not that I mind not bundling up, but I love snow on campus right before Christmastime.  It gives a pretty unique mood to the campus.  Just this past Friday, it started snowing and as I walked past the quad, I heard someone playing Christmas music out their window.  People also build snowmen, snow forts, and other snow figures all over campus when it snows.  You can hear the laughing as students have snowball fights or just go out to play in the snow.  Church Street is a beautiful sight with snow, Christmas lights, the giant Christmas tree and the church at the end of the street.
Snow brings new life to campus upon its first appearance.  I am still waiting for that first big snowfall before I go home for Christmas.  With less than two weeks left on campus, we're running out of time.  Step it up, Mother Nature!
Taking winter adventures was one of the highlights of my freshman year on campus! 

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